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Introduction of the Institution  
On September 1, 1963, in order to promote development in the east, the government thereupon opened the Harbor of Hualien as an international commercial port, and simultaneously established the Hualien Harbor Maritime Police Station of the Keelong Harbor Police Office, located in a corner of the Hualien Harbor Affairs Building, No. 13 Kang-Kou Road, Hualien City. On September 16, 1965 it was upgraded to the Taiwan Provincial Hualien Harbor Affairs Police Office, located at No. 1-3 Kang-Kou Road, Hualien City, with the specified number of its personnel expanded until 1988, in accordance with the Ministry of the Interior’s Police Administration instruction for the Five Year Police Build-up Plan: The personnel were expanded again, so the original office building became cramped. In September 1989, the Hualien Harbor Bureau moved into its new, improved building outside the harbor. Harbor Bureau Commissioner Li Yung-Piao handed over their old building to the Harbor Police for their use. Renovation of the building took about three months. Besides containing the administration, it also had quarters for on-duty personnel, and recreation facilities, which would increase their morale.